Unburden Yourself & Be Present

The second line of St. Romuald’s Brief Rule reads: “Put the whole world behind you and forget it.” Forget politics, taxes, working late, sick kids, aging parents, high blood pressure, working out, paying bills, texting friends, watching a movie with friends, and pepperoni pizza! I don’t know about you, but I cannot ‘forget it’ when it comes to the matters of the world that I live in. So (again) I translated this line of the Rule into something that made sense for me: “Lay the cares of the world aside and attend to the present moment.”

In sitting in stillness for 30 minutes each morning, I intentionally lay aside the cares that I carry throughout the rest of the day. I lay aside the desire to go visit church members who haven’t been in church because they are rehabbing after a health scare. I lay aside the constant worry of ‘will there be enough money when I retire?’ I lay aside feeling uncomfortable because of my back. I lay aside all those I carry in my heart and for whom I say a prayer. For 1/2 an hour, I sit quietly and simply breath, freed from the heaviness of the cares I carry around. I lay them aside, for a moment, in order to be present and receptive to God. They will wait (and weight) for me. For a time, I can remind myself that I am free, and alive, and loved by God. And then, when the time is up, I can (if I choose) pick up the cares I have laid aside AND I can also leave some of them lie.

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