Caught Up In The Busyness

I had such great plans for Lent and blogging, especially after returning from the Sabbath Retreat at Ghost Ranch in NM. I would sit down, catalogue all the tidbits I had learned and parse them out, one at a time, as posts.

Instead I have found myself awash in the busyness of life. Being sick last week pushed everything on my schedule ‘off’ by just enough that I feel like I’m racing just to catch up. Shopping, cooking, getting to church on time, going to the gym, meeting with an arborist (this morning’s task), and making it to the eye doctor so I can finally, after 34 years and two corneal transplants, get a prescription so that I can see in 3D again (hopefully).

Lent is the time we reflect upon our finitude. I’m feeling especially finite today!

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