Weary of Work

One of the participants at the Ghost Ranch Sabbath Conference said: “Now that I’ve built it; I’m exhausted.” She had built a successful business but had reached the point where running it wearied her to the bone. She was exhausted and trying to discern what to do next.

Sometimes, the Spirit whispers to us in those random phrases we blurt out without thinking too much. When she said, “…I’m exhausted,” you could almost see the light bulb go on (and not just for her).

Many of us weary at maintaining routines and doing things simply to get them done. The joy, meaning, and Spirit of the act has dried over time. In Lent we are called to examine our ‘dry bones’ without feeling any need to ‘fix’ anything. Our invitation is to pay attention, to allow ourselves to settle into a deeper awareness and to watch for signs of the Spirit.

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