Lost and Found

So this morning I signed up for Richard Rohr’s Daily Devotional to be emailed to me each morning. I’ve loved Richard’s writings ever since I was introduced to his thinking when I arrived at Rollingbay Presbyterian Church fifteen years ago. Richard had been the speaker at the church’s spirituality conference the year before my arrival and everyone was talking about him.

Being impatient for tomorrow’s devotion to arrive, I clicked on January’s devotional archives, and then clicked on Sunday, January 29th: The Dualistic Mind. (This is all just random clicking; or so I think.) Part way through the piece I run across: “How else could we possibly search for God?”

I am sure there are people who ‘search for God’, who strive earnestly to have a better relationship with Jesus their Savior, but this idea that we search for God seems ludicrous to me. I’m convinced: GOD FINDS US! So rather than searching or scurrying or worrying or trying harder to find God I’m working on stopping more often; sitting still; and allowing myself to be found by the great “I AM”.

One thought on “Lost and Found

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