Come to Me

During Lent, in response to the Assurance of Pardon, the congregation I serve is singing a beautiful hymn entitled Come to Me, O Weary Traveler. The first verse is:

Come to me, O weary traveler;
Come to me with your distress;
Come to me, you heavy burdened;
Come to me and find your rest.

And while I appreciate the invitation of the hymn and the beauty of the tune, this morning I find myself wondering about the need for us to “come to me (God/Jesus/Peace)”. As I posted a few days ago, I wonder about us needing to search for or find God. Can the creature find the Creator? Or do we simply need to stop and be found?

So I’ve been wondering how this variation might sound:

I come to you, O weary traveler;
I come to you in your distress;
I come to you, you heavy burdened;
I come to you to give you rest.

For me, the ‘quest for God’ has ended in that somehow I must ‘find God’ or ‘come to God’ or do ______________ to be with God more dearly. If the Spirit is the breathe I breath, then there is nowhere to go. If God is the shadow of my right hand, there is no distance to journey to find the Holy. If Christ abides in me – then why would I need to search or look or go anywhere to be with the Loving Presence? Yet for many of us Christians, we are continually taught and reminded that God is ‘out there’, somewhere far away, and we must be the ones who make the heroic journey in order to find a hidden god.

If the hymn tune was changed to “I come to you…” I’m afraid the next verse might too often be:

Why do you, O weary traveler;
Why do you in your distress;
Why do you, you heavy burdened;
Keep on going and never rest?

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