Seat Belts – Always

Yesterday, after visiting someone in the hospital, I got rear-ended on Hwy 64. The back of my new Honda CRV was destroyed. Thankfully, as I write this, I’m feeling okay – a sore left arm and my back is tweaked a bit. The seat belt saved my life.

Last night was rough sleeping – all these thoughts and images flooding in. What if….?

And then… Thank You for Seat Belts.

2 thoughts on “Seat Belts – Always

  1. I’m so sorry to read of your accident and so glad you are okay. I was in a terrible (!) single-car accident when I was just 16 and thank my seatbelt for my survival (I flipped my car three times and landed upside down – yay for teens and drivers’ licenses, right?). I am ritualistic and obsessive about seatbelt use. Glad you feel the same! Wish everyone did!


  2. Sorry-saw this after we saw you at church. No wonder you looked more than wet when you came in. Wow. We were on 64 yesterday, too- always challenging. Glad you’re OK. Lauren and Ken (our daughter and SIL) just got a 2017 CRV-EXL last weekend. Blessings-always.

    Jennifer Pitcher Sent from my iPhone



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