Lots of Running Around

In the Easter story as told in the Gospel of John (20:1-18) there is a lot of running around. Mary runs to find the disciples, the disciples run to the tomb, then they run home – run, run, run. And it is precisely due to their running around that the disciples miss the opportunity to meet the risen Jesus.

The story pivots (this word now makes me cringe due to its use in politics) at verse 11, “But Mary stood outside the tomb weeping.” In the midst of all the running, Mary stopped running and stood still.

In my version of the Bible, I would have translated verse 11 as: And yet, (in spite of all the running around) Mary stood firm outside the tomb. She was weeping. I’m convinced we will never be found by God if all we do is run around. Like Mary, we need to learn to stop running and stand firm – even, or especially, in the places of death – in order to hear our named called by the Unrecognized One.


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