There’s been a lot of news about what happens when an airline overbooks a flight or needs to get a crew member from one place to another on a full flight. There have been videos of people being pulled off of planes. But what about when we ‘overbook’ our own selves – scheduling ourselves to be in two places at the same time?

After being invited to speak at the Yale University Institute for Sacred Music’s Congregations Project this summer, I excitedly scheduled my flight to LaGuardia at the same time I am supposed to be at our church staff picnic in beautiful Tower Grove Park in St. Louis.

I’ve spent all evening last night berating myself for being so careless and not paying attention to my calendar. While not as violent as what we’ve seen in the news lately, I realize this morning that I’ve been doing violence to my soul by haranguing myself all evening and again this morning. And so I sit, in stillness, and try to offer myself grace. I breathe deep and exhale all the anxiousness I can. I light a candle and remind myself that, I too, am loved, just as I am… just as I am.

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