The World is a Noisy Place

I’m sitting on the beach, having just gotten my UV-protecting umbrella situated just right. The chair is set up perfectly in the shade. The sunscreen has been applied liberally. A deep breath emerges from somewhere near the bottom of my soul. And the woman lying next to me, about 4 feet away, starts singing out loud to the song she is listening to on her phone, earbuds firmly in place. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard an animal in pain in my life but let me tell you – I now have an inkling of what it might be like. This woman could sing at all. And here I am, growing ever more frustrated, with a choice: gather all my stuff and move or pray to God something really foul happens to this American Idol wannabe. I’m at the beach, working on breathing and being still and being open to ‘what is’ and this is my lesson – a tuneless screecher jamming in her own version of Nirvana.

As I decided to head for the water and ‘float this one out’ I realized (again) the world is a noisy place. Finding stillness is something we need to cultivate within. Needless to say, I have a L-O-N-G way to go, especially at the beach.

PS – When I got out of the water, she was gone! Yeah for answered prayers!

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