Morning Glories

Up at 3 this morning after a GREAT nights sleep. Latte in hand as the first blue appears at 4:44AM. (I noticed the light blue and checked my phone – 4:44.) The neighbor behind me is also an early riser. He wears a headlamp and every now and then there’s a beam of light flickering my way. I’ve never met the man. The growth between our houses is thick and you can’t really see through it, except for the light that shines in the darkness.

I don’t know why I need to get up so early to ‘see’ the light of Christ shining in the world, in my life, and deep in my soul. But today I feel the light, the joy, the peace that surpasses understanding. As the birds started to sing, I want to join them: “thank you” is the song in my heart today.

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