So I woke up the other morning, made my coffee, and was going to make some bran muffins. Because we bought store brand bran cereal instead of the real deal I have to run it through the food processor first to turn it into bran dust. The handle on the food processor brakes so it won’t run. After figuring out where to stick a toothpick I get the machine to run and pulverize the cereal. After mixing all the ingredients I notice the muffin pan is filled with rust, the bottom of each well covered with a crust of red oxidation. So I decide to make a bran ‘cake’ instead as the cake pan still has its nonstick coating in place, unlike the muffin pan which needs to go bye bye along with the food processor. I get the coffee made, the muffin-cake in the oven and head outside only to notice it’s raining just hard enough to be an annoyance if I sit out. So I put down the coffee, open up the French doors, pull in an outside chair ‘just’ inside the threshold and have my coffee ‘outside’ while sitting in the dining room.

This morning did not go smoothly or as planned but in the end I improvised enough to have my morning coffee outside, with a delicious piece of bran muffin-cake. (Don’t look for the recipe any time soon, I don’t think it will be a hit).

Once again, the lesson: breathe (and relax and laugh)!

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