Sweet Marie and More

I got the nicest card in the mail the other day from a dear friend. She had given out a copy of the Sabbath book we studied together and shared her experience. She is such a kind person, a positive force, and a wise teacher. I learned from her that all the voices we hear in our heads that talk ‘down’ to us are called ‘the committee’. It was wonderful to hear from her and I so appreciate the act of kindness she showed me. Thank you!

And then, on a Monday after preaching, I received a phone message from a congregant, who was in his car driving somewhere. It said: “I was just thinking what a good job you did yesterday and thought to myself, rather than think it, why don’t you call him and let him know. So this is me, calling you, and letting you know you did a marvelous job not just with your sermon but with the whole service.”

And then, I go to the neurosurgeon for an appointment. My wife is with me. We talk about my back and the kind of surgery I need next. He shows me areas of compression on the MRI. He brings out the plastic model and shows me what he will do. We talk about the recovery process and how I should feel afterwards. And as I grab the door handle to go out to the nurse to schedule the surgery he says, “Hey, wait, I want to tell you this before you go. Your congregants that I treat; they really think highly of you.” I was stunned.

I’m not sharing these things because they point toward something good that I’ve done, rather I’m sharing them because they point out how simple it can be to bless another––a card, a call, a comment. May we all find the time and courage to bless others with simple acts of kindness and acknowledgment.

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