Back at Church (part-time)

I returned to work yesterday following three weeks of house-arrest (I was recovering from lower back surgery). Even though I wasn’t able to last the entire day, it was nice to be back at church. My main goal was to delete all the emails I had received that didn’t matter. Out of 728 emails, 645 of them did not matter – that’s 89%! But I got it done!

And I was also surprised by a visit from two dear friends, Sister Margarita (my ex-nun friend) and her friend Skittles (it’s a long story). They brought me a t-shirt that read “Be a Friend” printed backwards on the front and “Committee Be Quiet” on the back (the ‘committee’ is the group of negative voices you hear in your head). It was so nice to see them and catch up.

It’s amazing to me how rich a visit can be. As I continue to recover from surgery and re-enter pastoral ministry (albeit part-time for a while) I do so with a deeper appreciation of the significance of a personal visit. One of my main mottos for ministry is: just show up. In my time away, I’ve been blessed by others who have shown up to visit me. Don’t be afraid to simply ‘show up’. You don’t need to know what to say, showing up is enough.

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