17th & Stout

I’ve come to realize it’s not easy ‘retreat’ in a King Suite on the corner of 17th and Stout in downtown Denver. It is hard to listen to the earth, the sun, the birds, the wind. There is so much noise – a horn honking at 4:42 this morning. Mr. Happy greeted me at the coffee shop this morning, “Do you have any wonderful plans for today?” “Not yet,” came out of my mouth when I wanted to tell him to …. (well, you can imagine).

While it’s nice to be out of my ‘normal rhythm,’ I have yet to discover the spaciousness I desire on this particular retreat, the kind of spaciousness that restores my soul and resets my outlook. I realize this morning that ‘place’ matters, not just ‘getting away.’ My particular soul needs quiet, spaciousness, nature – a place to be outside where there aren’t any sirens, or transit trains, or beeping elevators. I came to Denver because the airfare was affordable, but I’m now wondering if I’ve paid too high a price in other areas to be here on the corner of 17th and Stout.

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