Stilling ‘the Crazy’

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, a long while. The urge to post has been growing within over the past few weeks. It seems as if ‘the crazy’ of life – covid, politics, unemployment, school reopening, police violence, racial tensions – keeps intensifying. Stress amplifies ‘the crazy’ within.  The noise builds to a level of distraction that is hard to set aside. Where is quiet? Where is peace? Where is joy and lightness?

It’s time to flip the breaker and turn off ‘the crazy.’

Intentional quiet, focused breathing, finger painting, a slow walk in the woods – we choose to cultivate spaciousness within when we lay aside ‘the crazy’ and embrace stillness in whatever form feeds our souls. ‘The crazy’ makes everything seem so serious and important. How dare we idle away an afternoon when there is so much suffering in the world?

We dare because we need to attend to our own suffering as much as the suffering of our neighbors. We embrace stillness so that ‘the crazy’ within stills to the point of allowing love to emerge. ‘The crazy’ will do all it can to seduce you, distract you, consume(r) you. Freedom, spaciousness, and love are but one intentional choice away – breathe, pray, walk, paint, play. Do whatever you need to do today to intentionally quiet ‘the crazy’ within and feel the lightness of love, for yourself and others.

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